Three steps incumbent insurers can take to remain relevant to customers

Nearly two-thirds of consumers say they are likely to switch vendors if their communications expectations aren’t met. Customer loyalty and ultimately a company’s success or failure is directly related to communications quality.

To be successful in 2020, companies must become more digital-focused, while keeping the customer at the center of their digital transformation efforts. They must make customer conversations SMARTer. By doing so, enterprises can deepen customer relationships by building trust in a way that can only be achieved by engaging in two-way conversations that go beyond just distributing regulatory and compliance notifications and instead deliver exceptional experiences.

Do you have the right strategies in place to ensure you are delivering the best possible experience to your customers? Can you do so while being as efficient as possible?

Featuring insight from communications experts, industry influencers and respected analysts, this whitepaper focuses on how companies can achieve success in 2020 by making customer conversations SMARTer in order to improve customer retention.

Topics covered include:
• Three steps incumbent insurers can take to remain relevant to customers.
• The key role conversations play in the overall customer experience.
• Personalising communications to win and engage customers.
• Optimising touchpoints across every communications channel.
• Moving towards smart conversations.