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2014 EY Asia-Pacific insurance outlook

Insurers in the Asia-Pacific region continue to face slower economic growth, low-interest-rates and strict regulation. However, reduced trade barriers and an increase in affluent consumers offer new opportunities. This whitepaper analyses the key factors shaping the Asia-Pacific insurance market.

2014 outlook: Indonesian insurance

Fitch Ratings says in a new report that the rating outlook for Indonesia's life and non-life insurance sectors in 2014 is stable, underpinned by steady market growth, manageable exposure to equity risk, and stable operating margins. Topics covered include catastrophe risks and economic conditions.

January 2013 global catastrophe recap - Impact forecasting

The monthly report reviews the natural disaster perils that occurred worldwide during January 2013. It reveals that torrential monsoonal rains prompted severe flooding throughout the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, killing at least 41 people, whilst estimated insured losses exceeded USD311 million.