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SAS Insurance CX Summit

Watch the Virtual Insurance CX Summit on-demand to learn how to conduct interactive experiences with your customers, achieving real-time actions that bring in new policyholders and build loyalty among existing ones.

Six steps to simplifying service

The new generation of customer service technology can help to reduce complexity and make service feel easier - not only for your customers, but agents as well. Read this tip sheet to learn how to simplify service with six key steps.

The digital future of insurance is now

How can insurance brokers emerge from the Covid-19 crisis and thrive into the future? This content focuses on why brokers should invest in their digital future today in order to build stronger bonds with customers, equip employees with the tools they need to succeed and become more resilient.

Accelerating success in insurance

This eBook showcases how leading global insurers faced four of the sector’s top challenges to provide a compelling foundation for future-proof growth: customer expectation growth; operational resilience; insurance technology innovation; and core system complexity.

Dynamic discussion: The end of insurance as we know it

‘The end of insurance as we know it’ is an international bestselling book that explains why the industry is experiencing foundational changes that are unprecedented. Renowned author, Rob Galbraith and Duck Creek's CMO, Scott Fitzgerald discuss how insurance leaders can gain a competitive edge.