Digital transformation

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Enabling digital transformation: It’s never “done”

P&C insurers attending Connections Reimagined identified “enabling digital transformation” as their number one strategic imperative for 2021. This blog highlights why digital transformation is not a one-time process and why insurers’ strategies should continue to change and be refined.

Investing in progress: The financial services success matrix

Insurance & finance companies have focused on modernising workflows to accelerate growth, rein in costs and remain competitive. But as many found out during the pandemic, they haven't gone far enough. In this paper, discover how to progress your digital transformation and key components for success.

Digital platforms: Delivering the ultimate digital experience

Delivering the ultimate digital experience for insurance customers is one of the top priorities for insurers. In this video, Brian Pierz of The Hartford Insurance Group talks with SMA's Karen Furtado about key considerations for delivering market leading digital experiences to customers.