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Construction plant theft is on the rise

UK construction sites are increasingly being targeted by thieves and fraudsters who recognise the financial value of plant and machinery. This article looks at the latest plant theft claims trends and what businesses can do to protect themselves from the various tactics used by criminals.

Salvaging and restoring a piece of history

The stories that museums tell are narrated by artefacts collected from that period. However, when a fire rips through a museum with devastating results, precious artefacts with unique stories can be lost. This article looks at how organisations can salvage and restore what is left behind.

Subsidence: The silent surge

“Surge” is the dreaded word on their lips, and with claims already up 400% on last year there are widespread fears that 2018 could be a very bad year for subsidence underwriters. This report sheds light on the factors driving subsidence claims in the UK and how insurers can mitigate the impact.