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At Insurance Age we believe information gives you an edge, particularly in complex markets. That’s why we cover the UK insurance broking sector more than anyone else – it helps our customers make better business decisions.

Insurance Age is the UK’s only broker-dedicated source of in-depth insight and analysis on all aspects of the profession.

With so much uncertainty and change in this market, industry participants need trusted, detailed intelligence and analysis on what it means for their companies and careers, their clients and competitors.

That’s where Insurance Age comes in. For well over 30 years Insurance Age has delivered unmatched coverage of complex issues that are ignored or under-reported elsewhere. We regularly break stories, but are not trying to compete in the provision of real-time news. Instead, we look at topics in detail, assess the implications, speak with the market, regulators and other stakeholders, and write more detailed, analytical pieces than anyone else.

Ultimately our users are able to make better, more informed decisions thanks to the information we provide. And they’ve been relying on our intelligence in various formats for decades.

Commission vs fees?

The Financial Conduct Authority has implied that it is inevitable fees will replace broker commissions despite wailing, gnashing of teeth and well-intentioned protestations from some in the broker community. Peter Robinson of Prizm Solutions considers the impact of professionalism on the debate.

Wellbeing at work

The much discussed new normal is upon us. But what does this mean for leaders of organisations and how much are they going to have to learn to adapt to these new conditions? This article considers how leaders need to adapt to ensure happy and healthy teams.