About us

Insurance Hound is the resource center for professionals within the global insurance and risk markets. It provides a free and easy-to-use digital library of white papers, analyst reports, case studies, business advice, tutorials and web seminars. Our clients are able to upload useful resources to the site and as a user downloads the whitepaper the user data is captured. This then provides valuable data insight or leads for the business.

"Our lead generation platform allows our customers to engage with their target audiences in order to drive new business opportunities, increase brand awareness and showcase expertise in a specific area."

Chris Finnegan, Commercial Director, Insurance.

Why use Insurance Hound?

  • Distribute your content to the insurance industry
  • Showcase thought leadership and expertise on specific topics
  • Generate leads for your business aligned to specific topics
  • Have a complete, transparent picture of how your content has performed
  • Complete and clear ROI, see which individuals have engaged with each piece of your content
  • Raise awareness of issues in which your company can provide a solution, ensure your target audience prioritises topics in which you are the expert

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