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Risk Management

Getting smarter in the workplace

Smart building technology is transforming the way businesses operate, with sensors and trackers able to monitor everything from an escape of water to how employees move around the workspace. This article looks at how new innovations are making workplaces safer whilst changing the risk landscape.

Personal data GDPR dashboard - Quick start guide

The EU General Data Protection Regulation went into effect in May 2018. Any organisation in possession of EU citizens’ personal data is subject to compliance. MarkLogic Consulting has developed a service specifically designed to ensure your GDPR compliance. Download this guide to find out more.

Guide to charity insurance

When it comes to charity insurance it's important to ensure your clients are covered for the specific risks they face. Designed for brokers, we've created a useful guide for you to share with clients to help them make sense of the various covers available and which of them they may want to consider.