ARAG Legal Services

For more than 80 years, ARAG has evolved into a versatile quality insurer with a focus on national and international legal insurance. ARAG employs 3,500 staff and operates successfully in 17 countries, including the United States, and holds a leading position in many international legal insurance markets. The ARAG Group reported total revenue and premium income of 1.73 billion EUR in fiscal year 2016.

The truth about employment tribunals

Findings from a BEIS survey highlighted that fewer than half of employment tribunal claimants use a lawyer. In this blog, Lesley Attu, product development manager at ARAG shares her concerns about a lack of access to justice and highlights the value of family and commercial legal expenses insurance.

Leave in the time of Covid

This year decisions over granting holiday have the potential to create conflict and possibly legal issues, even in a normally harmonious workplace. This article briefly outlines the implications for employers and employees, including furloughed staff.

Covid 19: Landlords FAQs

These are exceptionally stressful times for anyone renting a property and it can really help to have all the relevant information in one place. This content provides information on the questions that are most often being asked by callers to ARAG’s legal advice line.

New help for landlords and tenants navigating Covid-19

One problem that the Covid-19 pandemic has created for the private rental sector is the uncertainty surrounding evictions. This content highlights the new process to help ARAG’s Landlord Legal Solutions policyholders to reach the best possible outcome with any tenants struggling to pay their rent.