Digital transformation

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Accelerating transformation in insurance

To thrive and compete in the digital age, insurers cannot afford to overlook the opportunities that emerge where industry and technology trends meet. This content highlights why now is the time to embrace tech-driven opportunities and the steps insurers can take to accelerate transformation.

On the road to accelerating claims automation

Claims are often the ‘moment of truth’ for the insurance company and the ‘moment that matters’ for the customer. To stay relevant, insurers must provide a personalised trusted customer experience at this point. This eBook focuses on how insurers can offer a customer-centric claims process.

TechnoVision 2022: Financial services

Capgemini’s annual TechnoVision report covers technology trends and their implications for financial services firms. Featuring real-world examples from the insurance market, this report provides insights into how insurers can successfully navigate the business and technology landscape.