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The evolution of healthcare insurance fraud

As the UK healthcare insurance market continues to grow, so too does the risk of healthcare insurance fraud. Produced by CRIF, this report sheds light on the common types of healthcare fraud, typical frauds impacting the NHS, and recent fraud trends and cases in the UK.

VAN added value stories: Customer claims story

Making a claim can be a stressful time for an individual and it’s the insurer’s job to make the process as swift and painless as possible. This short guide highlights how Optal’s Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) can be used by insurers to speed up the claims process and increase customer satisfaction.

The RAG, Issue 18 - May 2018

ARAG's bi-annual news bulletin covers the latest developments impacting the legal expenses insurance field. Topics covered: the spike in employment tribunal claims; legislative changes; whiplash reforms; insuring women’s legal futures; latest moves in sales and management; how to make a Will.