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Blog: Coronavirus, where are we now?

In this blog, Martino Scheepens, Customer Success Manager at FRISS, sheds light on monthly claims trends since March and why fraud will be increasingly seen as a way out for desperate people and businesses as a result of the pandemic.

Podcast: Is it possible to make insurance more honest?

In this podcast, Dan Gumpright, VP of Products at FRISS, talks with Max Bazerman, a business psychology specialist at Harvard Business School about honesty in insurance. Bazerman explains how honest insurance is only achievable when there is full transparency between insurers and their customers.

Insurance fraud detection: The build versus buy dilemma

Many insurers think about the same challenge when they want to automate their fraud analytics process: should we build it in-house or go for a cooperation with an external party? Watch this video to find out more about the key elements required to make a well-informed decision.

Underwriting risk: Information is power

Underwriters often shake their heads at the almost insurmountable challenge of structuring risk selection and fraud detection, but what sounds like an unsolvable problem, isn’t. This content highlights the tools available to help underwriters make informed decisions based on real-time insights.

Thwarting Covid-19 claims fraud

History has proven that times of economic crisis see a huge increase in insurance fraud across most lines of business. This content provides some specific examples of insurance fraud which are on the rise and how insurers can make use of advanced analytics to stay one step ahead of fraudsters.