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Identity theft and identity fraud: A volume crime

This report focuses on five types of identity theft, eight tips to protect personal data from identity theft and how organisations can reap the benefits of an ID Verification service when on-boarding a new customer or verifying an existing customer’s details in order to combat fraud.

Warranty insurance fraud

Fraudulent warranty claims can account for up to 15% of overall warranty costs and can cause businesses to lose up to 5% of their annual revenue. This report sheds light on five key areas of warranty fraud and how organisations can minimise their exposure.

Fighting fraud: Personal data is not a panacea

In the insurance industry, where data about real people and real vehicles is being used by ghost brokers, insurance businesses need to constantly be on the lookout for new ways to stay ahead of fraudsters. iovation’s John Marsden considers the tools available to combat the scourge of ghost broking.

Is device the missing piece in your fraud puzzle?

As fraud experts examine the current trends & impacts of insurance fraud, device data is becoming a vital piece of the puzzle in a world full of compromised credentials. Based on insights from a recent panel discussion, this report looks at how you can overcome insurance fraud in the digital age.

Video: Fighting fraud with device reputation

Every attempt at fraud relies on an internet-enabled device. Device reputation, a unique capability provided by iovation, tells you if the device has a history of fraud or abuse, and if so, the specific type. Watch this video to learn how this can help in your fight against fraud.