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Warranty insurance fraud

Fraudulent warranty claims can account for up to 15% of overall warranty costs and can cause businesses to lose up to 5% of their annual revenue. This report sheds light on five key areas of warranty fraud and how organisations can minimise their exposure to warranty fraud.

How and iovation fight ghost broking

Ghost broking is what keeps insurance fraud managers up at night. In this webinar, Stephen Adams, fraud manager at shares his organisation’s experience of using iovation’s device intelligence solution to fight fraud, prosecute fraud rings and protect its panel of insurers.

Blog: The changing landscape of identity theft

Valid motor insurance is proving to be a valuable disguise for today’s criminals, with fraudsters using stolen identities to take out cover. In this blog, James Burge, fraud manager at Allianz sheds light on the changing landscape of identity theft and the tactics used by fraudsters.