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The rise of the pandemic fraudster

The Insurance Fraud Bureau reported one insurance scam every minute in the UK during the pandemic. This content sheds light on the rise of the pandemic fraudster, the new challenges facing counter-fraud teams and what insurers can do now to win the fight against fraud.

Must-see insurance software solutions in 2021

Many critical functions of the insurance industry including claims, billing and underwriting have become automated and highly reliant on software solutions. To help insurers sort through the seemingly endless possibilities, this blog sheds light on the leading insurance software solutions for 2021.

Fighting fraud with Jeroen Morrenhof of FRISS

In this episode of Conversations on the Creek, Rob Savitsky and Zach May from Duck Creek chat with Jeroen Morrenhof of FRISS about some of the recent claims fraud schemes that insurers are experiencing and how AI-powered fraud detection solutions are helping insurers prevent and fight fraud.

The future of insurance fraud

As fraudsters become increasingly sophisticated, the insurance industry needs to respond as quickly and effectively as possible. In this webinar, an expert panel discuss how the industry is adapting to the changing fraud landscape and what can be learned from the past to inform the future.

A clearer view of claims to help fight fraud

A lack of access to comprehensive claims data means home insurers may be unaware of an increase in both the temptation and opportunity for consumers to commit fraud. This report focuses on why consumer attitudes and preferences make access to accurate claims data an urgent priority.

Smarter insurance investigation management

Insurance fraud investigations teams are under increasing pressure with high work volumes often leading to backlogs of requests for reviewing flagged claims and policies. Download this e-book to learn about new and more efficient ways to manage the fraud investigation process.