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What is really driving the motor industry today?

With trials of driverless car fleets now occupying our national roads, the motor sector is getting an upgrade like never before, whilst new entrants are causing insurers to tighten their seat belts. What is really driving the motor industry today? Michèle Bacchus decided to take a closer look.

Validating claims with property attribute data

How can insurers apply property attribute data to best effect during the claims process? This article sheds light on how insurers can leverage CRIF’s insurance fraud investigation service to access vital property insights which enable claims investigators to rapidly validate claims and tackle fraud.

Pet insurance – A growth opportunity

The UK is renowned as a nation of dog and cat lovers, yet according to the ABI, only 23% of dogs and cats owned by households in the UK are covered by pet insurance. This article highlights how this low penetration represents significant opportunities within the pet insurance sector.