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Interim fraud report 2014

The rate of detected fraud has risen from 24 to 35 frauds per 10,000 applications, although fraud prevention is proving more effective than ever. Experian's report sheds light on the changing face of fraud, including the relentless rise of ID theft, fraud by financial product and location.

Claims fraud case study: Sky Insurance

Sky Insurance is an independent insurance specialist providing customers with bespoke insurance services, including car, home and business insurance. This two page case study looks at how Sky Insurance uses address validation software to help validate genuine claims and tackle fraud in the process.

Stopping fraudsters in their tracks

Post, in conjunction with Equifax, conducted exclusive research into attitudes and strategies to prevent ‘point of application’ fraud. This whitepaper focuses on how insurers can tackle application fraud, whilst achieving the right balance of checks without creating friction for customers.

CII policy briefing: Insurance Contract Law Reform

The Law Commissions have made recommendations on business customers’ duty to provide pre-contract information to their insurer and the actions insurers can take if the policyholder breaches the warranty. This paper studies developments concerning the Commissions' review of Insurance Contract Law.