Duck Creek Technologies

We are Duck Creek.

We give insurers a genuine path to the future with advanced technology grounded in decades of industry expertise, responsive to the unique challenges of each insurer, and shaped by the day-to-day of human behaviour.

We believe that technology should empower ingenuity, rather than replace it. Our solutions are inspired by scenarios, not screens, to accommodate variability and make room for creativity. We strive for outcomes that are immediately felt and need little explanation – where highly-customised environments flow seamlessly into how you think and work, and deep technical complexity is experienced as a moment of radical simplicity.

We are sustained by a persistent curiosity that isn’t afraid to challenge the norms of this industry – that believes the version for tomorrow needs not be tied to the legacy of today – and it is our job to get you there a little sooner.

We are in the business of technology, but we also know that technology is a means to a bigger, more hopeful purpose – to incubate the ideas that will make insurers faster, smarter and stronger; to enable people to realise their full potential; and to insurer the possible, today and tomorrow.


The future of insurance operations

In this webinar, Scott Fitzgerald, CMO at Duck Creek Technologies, Adam Solomon, CIO at Mutual Benefit Group and Vasundhar Kolli, Area Vice President & Client Partner at LTI discuss the future of insurance operations and the adoption of evergreen technologies.

Leveraging digital to transform claims operations

Overcoming legacy technology and reducing complexity to improve CX and efficiency is more important now than ever before. In this webinar, an expert panel explore technical and operational debt, and successful approaches that enable new capabilities and build agility in claims processes.

The great cloud migration

The cloud and its benefits are much the same as they were 12 months ago, but a recent change has been the transformation of people’s perceptions and priorities, caused by the adjustment of the insurance industry in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read this blog to find out more.