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Infographic: 2021 UK pet insurance facts

The UK pet insurance market has almost doubled over the past 12 months, with 7.7 million pets insured in 2021 compared with 4.3 million pets insured in 2020. This infographic provides a snapshot of the UK pet insurance market in 2021 and highlights key market trends.

Spotlight: Embracing evergreen technology

Outdated legacy systems have haunted the insurance space for years, stifling innovation and increasing development costs. With pressures coming from new entrants and customers, this spotlight looks at why insurers are looking to evergreen technology solutions to fast-forward their IT plans.

Spotlight: Motor - The future of pricing

Based on research conducted by Insurance Post and LexisNexis Risk Solutions, this spotlight looks at the forces shaping the motor insurance landscape. Topics covered include the changing behaviours of motor policyholders, the FCA policy statement and the future of motor insurance pricing practices.