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Technology Trends

World Insurance Report 2020

As digital adoption is now mainstream across generations and willingness to purchase insurance from BigTechs is increasing, the World Insurance Report 2020 explores the changing trust equation between insurers and customers, and how insurance companies can use hyper-personalisation to address it.

Back office automation starter kit

Whether you are just starting out with automation, or your current RPA project has stalled, looking in the back office for ‘everyday’ processes is a simple way to reinvigorate your strategy. This starter kit provides advice on how companies can get started with automating back office processes.

A look at cybersecurity, post-pandemic

What will the cyber landscape look like now that a pandemic has hit? In this article, Elissa Doroff, AXA XL and Billy Gouveia, S-RM, look at the short term and long term cybersecurity trends, before highlighting the steps companies and their employees can take to mitigate the risks.