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Escape of water fraud - hiding in plain sight?

The great freeze at the turn of the year saw a huge rise in fraudulent escape of water claims, particularly from unoccupied properties. This content sheds light on the link between surge events and EOW fraud, before highlighting steps insurers can take to mitigate the risk of future surge events.

CUE: How to boost fraud prevention

Since 1994, the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) has helped insurers verify an individual’s household, motor or personal injury claims history. This content sheds light on how insurers can maximise the power of CUE to help combat fraud.

Intelligence: Subsidence

With hot summers becoming more likely in the future, subsidence surge and event years may be the new norm. This article looks at how insurers are preparing for these claims in a climate change environment.

IoT drives innovation in insurance

The number of IoT connected devices is expected to increase to over one trillion devices by 2025, providing an enormous data set for insurance analysis. This blog highlights how IoT is driving innovation within motor and property insurance, whilst also reducing workplace risks.

FCA report on insurance for multi-occupancy buildings

Following the Grenfell tragedy, the cost of buildings insurance to residential leaseholders and other property owners of multi-occupancy buildings has increased. This report examines the causes of those increases and sets out a range of recommendations and potential remedies to address the issues.

Grenfell: Five years on

Over five years have passed since 72 victims lost their lives after a fire ripped through a building featuring unsafe cladding. This article investigates what insurers have learnt from this, how building standards have moved on and if the prospects of similar tragedies have been ruled out.