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Water, water everywhere: Escape of water

When water escapes at a property, it can damage furnishings and installations and cause significant business interruption. This article looks at the common causes of escape of water and the practical steps residential and commercial property owners can take to reduce the risk.

Video case study: Repairing water damage

A shower in the Aziz family’s custom-built home sprung a leak and damaged multiple floors of the house. This video looks at how Chubb installed the Aziz family in a temporary home quickly and resolved two unrelated incidents with the utmost speed.

Drones and their role in claims

Using drones may seem either a little futuristic, something for hobbyists, or an extreme way to get a selfie, but the fact is that they have already become a part of how we deal with claims. This article discusses drones and the part they are already playing in the claims process.