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Smart contracts: Five things to know

We are living in an age where everything is becoming ‘smart’; from smartphones to smart televisions and smart cities. With contracts undergoing this transition as well, we've answered five key questions relevant to the concept of 'smart contracts' and the implications for your business.

Cyber risk and education

We’ve recently conducted research that shows education establishments are no exception to the growing of concern of cyber risk. As a result of our research, we’ve put together some information to help schools protect themselves from cyber threats.

Video: Cyber today - cyber tomorrow

Having determined the existing threats and information gaps in cyber, our final panel will bring our speakers together to determine how to future-proof your cyber strategy and ensure that brokers are equipped to deliver for their customers moving forward.

Guide to charity insurance

When it comes to charity insurance it's important to ensure your clients are covered for the specific risks they face. Designed for brokers, we've created a useful guide for you to share with clients to help them make sense of the various covers available and which of them they may want to consider.