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Cash-for-crash fraud: Beating the fraudsters

This article sheds light on Wales’s biggest, most “highly organised”, motor insurance fraud to date, why British insurers must improve their detection powers to combat future scams and how new technology can help insurers to identify fraud patterns in real time.

2016 Insurance Fraud Taskforce: Final report

This final report represents the culmination of the Taskforce’s year-long review into insurance fraud. The report explores relevant issues including the scale and impact, regulators and legal frameworks and what has already been done to tackle fraud, before making targeted recommendations.

ABI briefing: Personal injury fraud

Reform to the regulatory landscape covering the personal injury compensation system hasn’t addressed the underlying cause of claims, the UK’s compensation culture. This briefing studies the impact of fraud upon motor premiums, industry efforts to tackle insurance fraud and the activities of CMCs.

What's driving motor claims?

Despite a range of unprecedented reforms and the industry’s own determination to fight motor claims fraud, numbers appear to be on the rise. This article studies the factors that could be influencing this alarming statistic.