Insurance fraud: Survey reveals impact of economic downturn

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The economic downturn seen in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the insurance industry, leading to various challenges in combatting fraud. The industry is contending with individuals who wouldn’t typically resort to fraud now engaging in such activities, whilst insurance providers are trying to stay one step ahead of ever evolving fraud schemes.

To find out more about the current fraud landscape, Insurance Post collaborated with LexisNexis Risk Solutions to conduct its annual fraud survey.

This report sheds light on the key findings as well as the opportunities and challenges for the insurance industry.

Topics covered include:
• How challenging economic conditions are fuelling fraudulent activities.
• Fraud typologies on the rise.
• Measuring the success of fraud processes.
• Overcoming key fraud challenges.
• How data sharing and technology could assist insurers.
• The new frontline for fighting fraud.
• The emergence of new weapons to help combat fraud.