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Harnessing Asia's offshore winds

Many Asian countries have ideal conditions for generating electricity from offshore wind turbines, however some obstacles will have to be overcome before the region can rely on this source of green energy. MeiYean Lim, AXA XL’s Senior Underwriter for Political Risk, Credit & Bond, has the details.

Spotlight on global programs

Global insurance programs are an essential tool for many multinational companies looking to mitigate their liability risks. Daniel Fay, head of international casualty-Asia at AXA XL addresses some common questions about global programs and highlights some of the under-appreciated benefits.

Washed out but not away

When Thai electronics firm, Hana, suffered devastating floods in 2011, production losses drove down profits whilst their customers looked elsewhere for new suppliers. A 5 year ‘drought’ in sales followed just 9 days of flooding, leaving business stakeholders to renew their focus on risk mitigation.