11 whitepapers and resources


How can businesses prepare for Brexit?

Formal negotiations have begun to bring about the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Our latest roundtable event heard businesses’ concerns over Brexit and offered helpful guidance. This article looks at what the roundtable revealed about how you can prepare for the potential impact of Brexit.

Redomiciling: Insurer's paradise?

With continued uncertainty over Solvency II, could more firms be tempted to follow the lead of Randall & Quilter and split their tax and regulatory domiciles? This article studies the pros of cons of domiciling in the UK or overseas.

Solvency II rewrites the rules for insurers

The EU’s new regulatory framework will present compliance and strategic challenges for insurance companies worldwide. Is your organisation ready for Solvency II? Download this report to combat the impending regime by optimising resources and following ten steps for successful implementation.

Solvency II 2012 guidance notes

This guidance document provides further information for managing agents on Lloyd's published 2012 Solvency II timetable and the individual deliverables included. The key objective for 2012 is to ensure that agents can evidence that they are up to speed with the requirements of Solvency II.