The Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL) is a member organisation representing lawyers operating in all areas of insurance law and provides a forum for communication and the exchange of information. Its members work in solicitors’ firms, as barristers and as in-house lawyers. It welcomes new members, both corporate and individual. FOIL has been in existence for almost 20 years, advancing a reforming agenda for a more transparent and proportionate claims environment benefiting claimants and insurers alike. It is actively involved in a raft of other issues which affect insurance-related law and legal work. Many issues which affect insurers also impact upon insured organisations and individuals and society in general. In addition to its industry role FOIL strives to be a voice for this wider public: in its campaigns for changes to the law and procedural rules FOIL seeks transparency, proportionality and a fair outcome for all.

FOIL Update: The Government consults on Vnuk

If Vnuk becomes law, the categories of vehicles required to be insured will increase significantly to include, for example, children’s motorised ride-on toys and golf buggies. This article sheds light on the latest developments and the UK Government’s position.

FOIL Update: Driverless cars

This FOIL update sheds light on the UK Government’s plans on the future insurance arrangements needed to deal with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and the changes it proposes to the Highway Code and the Road Vehicle (Construction and Use) Regulations.

FOIL Update on Brexit after the referendum

The political ramifications of the Brexit vote still have a long way to run, and the commercial and financial consequences will not be known for some time. But what happens now? FOIL’s Update highlights the insurance industry’s initial response and the UK’s position following the referendum vote.

The voice: Issue 6 2016

Produced by FOIL, this newsletter covers the latest developments relevant to the insurance lawyer community. Topics covered: cost budgeting; Vnuk judgement and vehicle definition; driverless cars; Government accepts IFT recommendations; three key issues in Scotland.

FOIL Digest June 2016

FOIL's Digest provides an overview of the latest legal issues impacting the insurance industry. Topics covered: European Commission’s proposals to tackle Vnuk; Government sets out future plans for insurance for driverless cars; Government accepts the IFT’s recommendations; developments in Scotland.

The voice: Issue 5 2016

Produced by FOIL, this newsletter covers the latest developments relevant to the insurance lawyer community. Topics covered: legal knowledge standards; Enterprise Act 2016; NIHL claimant loses QOCS protection; costs budgeting; insurable interest.

FOIL update: Motor claims

This article sheds light on the key issues relevant to motor claims over the past six months. Topics covered: RTA claims reforms; driverless cars; new laws affecting young drivers in Northern Ireland; credit hire claims in the portal; implications of Vnuk case for UK insurers and MID compliance.