Pan-European Supply Chain

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Pan-European Supply Chain

2015 FM Global Resilience Index

FM Global’s Resilience Index is the leading data-driven tool for assessing risk across the supply chain. It ranks 130 countries by multiple drivers. Among this year’s surprises, Taiwan has soared 52 places while Thailand has fallen by 20. The Index lets you explore the factors at work.

The innovation game

On the day that Samsung launched the flagship Galaxy S6, the company said it may struggle to meet the demand. A firm’s supply chain strategy is vital to its ability to deal with risks. This article outlines the pros and cons of two different supply chain models.

State of the union

The European Parliament elections highlighted anti-EU feelings among citizens. What will be the effect of a louder anti-EU voice? How will it affect the EU’s ability to act? And should it worry companies with interests in Eastern Europe? This article looks at the likely consequences for business.