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Operating in more than 130 countries, FM Global WorldReach® offers our unique combination of insurance products and services seamlessly around the globe, and through a single point of contact. Whether purchasing directly from our worldwide sales professionals or working with an intermediary, FM Global offers products and services that can overcome your global risk management challenges, and accommodate all your commercial property insurance and protection needs.

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Washed out but not away

When Thai electronics firm, Hana, suffered devastating floods in 2011, production losses drove down profits whilst their customers looked elsewhere for new suppliers. A 5 year ‘drought’ in sales followed just 9 days of flooding, leaving business stakeholders to renew their focus on risk mitigation.

Master the disaster

Did you know over a 30-year lifespan of a building, there’s a 26% chance businesses in a 100-year floodplain will get flooded? The first step towards resilience is understanding your risk. This report is an invaluable tool to build resilience into your operations.

To Asia with love

FM Global were involved at every stage of the construction of a new Hershey’s chocolate production plant in Southern Malaysia. From site selection, review services and project management, our engineering experience and WorldReach® partner network has opened-up new sales markets for the US company.

In depth data

FM Global visits around 60,000 sites every year, completing a total of 100,000 surveys, each one different to another. Our unique, personalised approach is highly beneficial; reducing margins of error and building stronger, more resilient organisations as opposed to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy.

Creating opportunities out of risk

Companies that want to generate long-term, sustainable success must nurture the skills to evolve quickly and adapt to an increasingly disruptive and turbulent operating environment. Resilient businesses are able to turn unexpected threats into commercial advantages.