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Intelligence: Protect Duty legislation

Protect Duty legislation has been touted as a way to reduce the potential for catastrophic events from terrorist attacks at publicly accessible locations, and it is likely to affect public and employers’ liability policies. This article sheds light on the latest developments.

Consent management: Customers take control

Consent management is an increasingly vital capability for effective data marketing, corporate transparency, and building customer loyalty. Read this report to discover how financial services companies can turn what many see as a compliance exercise into a competitive differentiator.

Analysis: Dual pricing

This article investigates what changes the industry has seen following January’s dual pricing reforms and if insurers are following the right path on price walking.

Raising the appointed representatives bar

The insurance industry should not kid itself that it has no issues in its use of appointed representatives but, according to specialists, the FCA consultation should not strike fear into well-run businesses. Read this article to find out more.

Price matters but customers deserve more

The price walking ban represents a turning point for the insurance industry. In this article, Vincent Belloc, vice president at PayPal UK discusses the opportunity for insurers to build customer loyalty and competitive advantage through a relentless focus on customer experience.

The end of dual pricing and what it means

Insurance Post and PayPal surveyed home and motor insurance specialists to explore the possible implications of the recent price-walking ban. This content highlights the key findings from the research, how consumer purchasing decisions could change and how the industry might adapt.