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The threats and opportunities of autonomous ships

As autonomous cars feature increasingly in the headlines, it seems the world of shipping is not far behind, with various manufacturers and stakeholders turning their attention to the development of self-navigating cargo ships. This article focuses on the threats and opportunities presented.

Marine cargo insurance: A market on the move

This whitepaper explains the reasons for marine cargo insurance and the different circumstances for when this may be required, as well as examining some topical issues for the market. Topics covered: an explanation of incoterms; insurance cover available; case studies of marine insurance incidents.

Emerging risks report

This two page quarterly report provides key highlights and developments for the emerging risks that have recently generated notable activity and media attention. Topics covered: Artificial Intelligence risks and opportunities; InsurTech; autonomous shipping.

Video: TT Club takes a view on freight

Our video where TT Club shares an expert view of the freight market for brokers is now available on demand. The video, which was originally part of Broker Expo Live, sees Brian Sullivan talk to Insurance Age deputy editor, Sian Barton about the history and development of the freight market.

International - crewless ships: Ready to sail

With any technology involving automation and the replacement of accident-prone humans by ultra-safe computers, the pace of change is breath-taking. Post’s article highlights the development of autonomous ships which could be trialled within a year and exploited commercially before the decade is out.