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Business Performance Management

Dynamic discussion: The end of insurance as we know it

‘The end of insurance as we know it’ is an international bestselling book that explains why the industry is experiencing foundational changes that are unprecedented. Renowned author, Rob Galbraith and Duck Creek's CMO, Scott Fitzgerald discuss how insurance leaders can gain a competitive edge.

Issue brief: Claims leakage

Claims leakage is the difference between what an insurer actually spent to settle a claim and what they should have spent. This content highlights the main causes of claims leakage, areas where claims leakage is most likely to occur and how insurers can proactively address the early warning signs.

Issue brief: Straight through claims processing

Traditional approaches to claims handling are falling short due to manual processes, the ‘greying of the industry’ and customers demanding fast turnaround times. This content highlights why many insurers are looking to ‘straight through processing’ (STP) as a means to address these concerns.

Leveraging digital to transform claims operations

Overcoming legacy technology and reducing complexity to improve CX and efficiency is more important now than ever before. In this webinar, an expert panel explore technical and operational debt, and successful approaches that enable new capabilities and build agility in claims processes.