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Business Performance Management

Finance digital transformation in insurance

In many ways, the success of digital transformation initiatives in finance is mission critical for insurance CFOs. In this paper, we lay out a model step-by-step approach on how insurers can orchestrate a successful finance digital transformation journey.

Best insurance employers 2021

Based on the results of Post’s Best insurance employer survey, this report sheds light on how well insurance employers have managed their staff during the pandemic and which insurance providers achieved a five star rating. Topics covered: diversity; pay & benefits; senior management; mental health.

Transforming legacy technology

In this webinar, Vicky Mills, Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting at Duck Creek Technologies, Tim Yorke, Chief Operating Officer, AXA Insurance and Jeremy Burgess, Owner, TINtech explore how to tackle legacy technology to enable efficiencies and improve the customer journey.

InsureandGo case study - Expanding reach and scaling up

InsureandGo is the world’s largest online travel insurer—covering an ever-growing number of globetrotting travellers. This case study highlights how InsureandGo leveraged PayPal’s user base and achieved a 26% increase in the adoption rate of PayPal by customers within the first 60 days.