9 whitepapers and resources

The new standard in customer success

How can insurers transform the most intimidating and complex implementations into an unprecedented success? Setting the foundation for success today requires so much more than cloud hosting. Watch this video to discover how insurers are accelerating their deployments with cloud-based services.

Spotlight: Technology - A digital future

From predictive fraud analytics to in-home and vehicle telematics, the insurance industry is booming with innovative new capabilities and solutions. This spotlight focuses on why now is the time for insurers to invest in innovative solutions or risk being left behind in an ever-changing market.

Spotlight: Embracing evergreen technology

Staying ahead of the technology game delivers so many benefits and insurers are constantly looking out for what’s new. This spotlight focuses on how evergreen technologies can help insurers to develop new products quickly, attract new talent into the industry and reduce costs.

The great cloud migration

The cloud and its benefits are much the same as they were 12 months ago, but a recent change has been the transformation of people’s perceptions and priorities, caused by the adjustment of the insurance industry in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read this blog to find out more.