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FRISS customer story: UNIQA Insurance Group AG

UNIQA Group is one of the leading insurance groups in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. This case study looks at how UNIQA Group leveraged the FRISS Solution for automated claims fraud detection to achieve total fraud savings of €18.4 million within the first two years of being live.

European insurance - key facts

Download Insurance Europe's annual key facts publication, which this year includes data on the European insurance industry for 2015. Topics covered: European insurance in the world; European premiums, claims, and benefits paid; insurers’ investment portfolio; companies and employees.

2015 FM Global Resilience Index

FM Global’s Resilience Index is the leading data-driven tool for assessing risk across the supply chain. It ranks 130 countries by multiple drivers. Among this year’s surprises, Taiwan has soared 52 places while Thailand has fallen by 20. The Index lets you explore the factors at work.