Intermediary and Broker support

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Intermediary and Broker support

SMEs and cyber risk - a ticking time bomb

Based on insights from Post’s SME Insurance Risk Survey, this article sheds light on why the take-up of cyber insurance among SMEs is so low, the perils of underinsurance and the biggest concerns among SMEs that might encourage them to increase their cyber cover through brokers or insurers.

Mock trial training document

Have you ever wondered what happens if a legal claim goes to mediation, or even to trial? Following on from ARAG’s commercial contract mock mediation and trial event, this training document includes the legal information provided by the claimant and defendant’s solicitors.

Training made easy

To ensure your customers have 24/7 assistance when facing issues related to cold weather, home emergency insurance is the obvious, cost effective choice. ARAG’s new EduMe training module can talk you through all the benefits of our cover in helping customers resolve stressful domestic emergencies.

Video: Full session - Commercial mock trial

ARAG recently ran a commercial contract mock mediation and trial to show how the process works. This video contains the full trial session from start to finish. Watch this video to see how legal representation works, what you can expect from the process and how the judgment is delivered.

Video: Overview - Commercial mock trial

ARAG ran a commercial contract mock mediation and trial to show how the process works. If mediation is unable to resolve a dispute, the case may go to trial. In this video, BTE Claims Manager Heather Wilmot explains what to expect and how legal representation is provided for ARAG policyholders.