Intermediary and Broker support

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Intermediary and Broker support

Video: Aviva Risk Management Solutions

Learn more about the breadth of Aviva’s Risk Management Solutions. Covering a wide range of risks, Aviva’s risk management services are able to support many different types of business.

Fighting fraud: Personal data is not a panacea

In the insurance industry, where data about real people and real vehicles is being used by ghost brokers, insurance businesses need to constantly be on the lookout for new ways to stay ahead of fraudsters. iovation’s John Marsden considers the tools available to combat the scourge of ghost broking.

Profile - MGAs: Breakthrough for MGAs

A cursory look at the trade press over the last six months indicates that the managing general agent (MGA) sector has been positively hyperactive of late. MGAs are on the up again, but have they learned the lessons of the past? Download this article to find out more.

In-depth - manufacturing: Call in the broker

The challenging environment for the UK’s manufacturing sector means more businesses are looking for ways to mitigate risk and brokers should be the first port of call. This article highlights how brokers can meet the needs of manufacturing clients by providing risk management solutions.