Intermediary and Broker support

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Intermediary and Broker support

Video: The extensive range of ARAG products

Ben Parkinson, Broker Account Manager at ARAG, talks about the company's wide range of legal protection and insured assistance products and how ARAG's close relationships with brokers inspire innovation and help them to stay one step ahead of the market.

Blog: Brokers and IT platforms

Broking technology has the potential to be a strong enabler of change in the industry. This blog highlights how technological developments can enable brokers to provide better risk management advice to clients, improve customer interactions, meet regulatory requirements and reduce costs.

The broker of the future?

What advances in technology may shape the insurance sector in the future and what does the broker of the future look like? In this blog, BIBA’s CEO Steve White outlines some enablers and trends that can be both threats and opportunities for the broking community.

Global corporate & specialty claims video

Claims will always be the cornerstone of any large insurer, but Aviva believe in going the extra mile. This short video featuring Patrick Tiernan, Chris Hughes and Shaun Lemmon from Aviva GCS alongside Bibby Distribution and Aon demonstrates what this really means in practice. #AvivaClaims