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Intermediary and Broker support

Health and safety in the care sector

In this extract from ARAG's latest Talk to the Experts webinar about the heightened legal pressures on the care sector, since the coronavirus outbreak, Alison Marriott, Senior Associate Solicitor at Stephensons Solicitors LLP talks about the health and safety implications for care providers.

Risk management in the care sector

Taken from ARAG's latest webinar about the heightened legal pressures facing the care sector, Laura Hannah, Solicitor & Partner at Stephensons Solicitors LLP discusses the approach to risk management in the industry and how to align that with the current approach from the Care Quality Commission.

The shape of shipping: Cargo insurance in 2020

Today, the cargo market is in a state of distress and correction, with Lloyd’s issuing a directive to its syndicates to improve their profitability or exit the market. Produced by AXA XL, this article focuses on the state of the cargo insurance market in 2020 and the challenges faced by carriers.