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Occupational Health

Contagious risk

The Ebola Virus is responsible for over 120 deaths in West Africa. It’s an extreme example of an all-too-common threat. What are the implications of infectious diseases for multinational organisations? How do they affect business continuity? And what can companies do to mitigate risk?

Lloyd's market newsletter: Issue four 2011

Tailored towards bespoke insurance specialists, this edition of Lloyd's market newsletter looks at: what happens when a footballer sustains a career threatening injury; cover for journalists in conflict zones; marine insurance innovations; Solvency II; recent disasters and earthquake risks.

Company and employee attitudes to dentistry

The 2011 Dental Benefits Survey reported that up to 92% of companies and up to 87% of employees recognise thatgood dental health supports overall wellbeing. However, around 20% of employees agree that there are issues accessing dentistry at the moment and up to 46% of companies believe this is…