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Let's Talk: Environmental liability

In this article, Simon Harwood-Matthews, Senior Underwriter, International Casualty – Environmental at AXA XL sheds light on how the market for environmental liability insurance has changed, how the risks faced by clients have evolved and AXA XL’s outlook for environmental business in the UK.

Changing climate, changing standard of care?

As extreme weather events hit more frequently, many observers believe their impact may affect the standard of care for design professionals. This article looks at how architects and engineers can address potential climate change impacts on their projects and their liability.

Supersonic cars: The need for speed

Ask a meerkat or a moustachioed opera singer for a quote for a supersonic car and you would be met with bewilderment and a rapid search for the exit door. Yet it is not as unusual a question as you might think. Post’s article looks at the risks and challenges associated with supersonic cars.

Management liability: An Australian experience

This paper attempts to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding management liability insurance by explaining what the product is designed to cover with reference to case studies and industry data. The paper also details how the product developed over time and potential developments in the future.

Open to attack: Cyber liability risks

As online fraudsters have become more sophisticated in their activity, the threat of cyber crime has grown exponentially. Despite several high-profile cyber attacks on major corporations, the insurance industry is still behind the times when it comes to cyber liability. How can it catch up?