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South America

The return of nationalism

From Trump’s “America First” to the ever-looming Brexit, nationalist movements have been making steady gains across the globe in recent years. This article sheds light on the political risk landscape in Europe, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

Global catastrophe recap: March 2017

Impact Forecasting evaluates the impact of the natural disaster events that occurred worldwide during March 2017. Topics covered: extensive severe weather hits the United States; Cyclone Debbie impacts Australia; proclaimed ‘coastal El Niño’ affects South America.

Global catastrophe recap: April 2016

Global economy suffers worst April severe weather losses for five years, according to Aon's catastrophe study. Impact Forecasting continuously tracks the worldwide natural disaster perils and aggregates the insured and economic losses for each region in this monthly report.

News Analysis: Beware of El Niño

According to climatologists, there’s a 75%-80% chance that 2014 will be an El Niño year. It’s bad news for any multinational with interests in South America, South Africa, Asia-Pacific and India. This News Analysis looks at the climatic evidence and the likely impact on local and global markets.