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C-suite broker: Focus on defence in cyber risks

Cyber risk is dynamic, difficult to contain and potentially very damaging to a business, yet we do not see sufficient attention towards real demonstration of ability to withstand an attack. This article highlights why it is crucial businesses test their resilience with regular attack simulations.

Question time on silent cyber

‘Silent cyber’ or ‘non-affirmative cyber’ refers to the potential cyber exposures in non-stand-alone cyber policies, which may not be implicitly or explicitly included or excluded on policy wordings. This content provides a summary of a recent discussion hosted by the FOIL Technology & Cyber SFT.

Ransomware: A Darwinian challenge for cyber insurance

The process of adaptation is a fitting model for the cyber insurance industry amid the pressures presented by ransomware incidents and claims. This whitepaper examines the environmental causes of ransomware and makes recommendations for how the insurance industry can stem this threat.