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Issue brief: Straight through claims processing

Traditional approaches to claims handling are falling short due to manual processes, the ‘greying of the industry’ and customers demanding fast turnaround times. This content highlights why many insurers are looking to ‘straight through processing’ (STP) as a means to address these concerns.

Issue brief: Claims leakage

Claims leakage is the difference between what an insurer actually spent to settle a claim and what they should have spent. This content highlights the main causes of claims leakage, areas where claims leakage is most likely to occur and how insurers can proactively address the early warning signs.

Claims processing improvements - What's left to do?

Improvements made to the insurance claims process can come to a screeching halt if, at the end of the process, the claimant still has to wait for a paper check in the mail. This blog highlights the valuable reasons to migrate away from paper checks in order to improve the claims payment process.

Intelligent fraud detection

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted once again how fraudsters will use any opportunity to devise new means to make crooked money. This content sheds light on the latest developments and how the insurance industry is harnessing the latest technologies to aid the fight against fraud.