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IT and Software Support

Analyst note: Claims processing

To catch up to new competitors, traditional insurers must strengthen their claims value propositions and provide the essential support functions to impact the front-end customer experience. This report examines the essential steps to digitise and transform claims.

Making the case for digital in claims

With insurers facing significant headwinds, claims leaders must make a strong business case for digital investment. Based on research conducted by Genpact, this content focuses on how claims leaders can leverage the full potential of advanced technologies and how they support claims priorities.

White list - is your glass half full?

As insurers continue to explore new ways to fight fraud, one thing they might consider is turning the models for identifying fraudulent claims on their head. This blog looks at how insurers could apply more intelligent white-listing of customers in order to speed up the fraud investigation process.

Car insurance today

With advancements in the InsureTech space, there are many new opportunities opening up to motor insurance providers which can more accurately calculate risk and streamline claims processes leading to lower premiums. This article sheds light on the latest trends which are re-shaping motor insurance.