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IT and Software Support

2024 AI handbook for insurance leaders

AI will touch nearly every aspect of insurance - from broker operations to underwriting to risk management to claims processing and beyond. Insurers that adopt AI effectively will have an insurmountable advantage. This handbook is designed to help insurance leaders navigate the new AI territory.

Why claims don’t get better with age

Some things get better with time – fine wine, cheese, whiskey – but not vehicle claims. In this article, Bill Brower, vice president of industry relations at Solera, explains why touchless claims could prevent the collateral damage caused by a claim failing to be quickly attended to.

Calculate your insurance claims automation maturity

Submitting a claim is often characterised as the critical “moment of truth” for insurers and their customers. Automation can help maximise human touch, streamline processes and improve the customer experience. Find out in two minutes how automated and competitive your claims process is.

All things digital

ARAG has made considerable investments to stay at the very forefront of digital legal services. One of the most significant advances has been the creation of the next generation of the ARAG Legal Services website. This blog highlights the key features for policyholders.