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Working together for the future of insurance

The unprecedented challenges of the last 18 months have drastically shifted the insurance market. Read on to discover the three areas you need to focus on if you’re to grow and thrive in the “next normal”, and how PayPal can help turn the obstacles you’re currently facing into opportunities.

Your SME playbook

Pre-crisis data won’t be sufficient for evaluating your SME clients. Produced by CRIF Decision Solutions, this content focuses on how insurers and brokers can leverage the latest risk evaluation intelligence to gauge SME risks quickly and price cover in a more uncertain post-Covid environment.

Automating insurance reconciliations in 2021

In 2021, insurers must focus on being both digitally-enabled and data-driven in order to remain competitive and succeed. This content focuses on how an end-to-end automated reconciliation solution can deliver significant cost reductions for insurers whilst making spreadsheets a thing of the past.