AI at scale: Transforming insurance operations with Xtrakto.AI

Insurance might be commonly regarded, from the outside at least, as being one of the most traditional industries. But behind that stereotype, powerful transformation is beginning to take place using some of the most innovative solutions available today.

Whole swathes of insurers’ business processes - particularly those that stem from the age-old challenge of manually managing mountains of unstructured data - are ripe for reimagining. In particular, natural language processing (NLP), the field of artificial intelligence (AI) that deals with language inference through machine learning (ML), is proving its worth as the basis for data ingestion solutions that can arguably change the game for insurers.

Download this content to find out how companies including Aon are unlocking the true potential of AI-based technologies to help deliver better customer and business outcomes.

Topics covered:
• Why NLP presents a major opportunity for insurers.
• Moving away from manual processes.
• The case for AI-driven data ingestion.
• How EXL’s proprietary intelligent framework can fundamentally transform insurance operations.