SS&C Blue Prism

SS&C Blue Prism is the global leader in intelligent automation for the enterprise, transforming the way work is done. At SS&C Blue Prism, we have users in over 170 countries and more than 2,000 businesses, including Fortune 500 and public sector organizations, that are creating value with new ways of working, unlocking efficiencies, and returning millions of hours of work back into their businesses. Our intelligent digital workforce is smart, secure, scalable and accessible to all; freeing up humans to re-imagine work.

The Blue Prism Cloud SaaS platform is a fast, simple way to get started with intelligent automation, providing a flexible AI-enabled digital workforce and all the tools and channels you need in one subscription to run an enterprise automation program.

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Breaking barriers in insurance with intelligent automation

In this research paper, six insurance providers share insights into how they are using automation in their operations and how the technology can create the most value across their organisations. Topics covered include the specific benefits of automation and blending a digital workforce with humans.

Automation is the catalyst for change

Being in front of change will determine the winners and losers of this era. This blog sheds light on the innovations which have reshaped business management and the nature of labour in the past, before highlighting why automation and digital labour are catalysts for change in today’s world.