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Thwarting Covid-19 claims fraud

History has proven that times of economic crisis see a huge increase in insurance fraud across most lines of business. This content provides some specific examples of insurance fraud which are on the rise and how insurers can make use of advanced analytics to stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

FRISS customer story: Malta Insurance Association

This case study sheds light on how the Malta Insurance Association collaborated with FRISS to provide its members with a platform to share knowledge, potential fraud incidents and claims history. The platform’s adoption also resulted in a major fraud network being uncovered.

FRISS customer story: UNIQA Insurance Group AG

UNIQA Group is one of the leading insurance groups in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. This case study looks at how UNIQA Group leveraged the FRISS Solution for automated claims fraud detection to achieve total fraud savings of €18.4 million within the first two years of being live.

FRISS customer story: Allianz Direct

Following enormous customer growth, Allianz Direct also experienced an increased number of defaulters. This case study focuses on how Allianz Direct worked with FRISS to improve its underwriting process by automatically screening applications to segment unwanted customers from desired customers.

A view on the future of insurance fraud analytics

Now is the time for insurance companies to revolutionise their fraud analytics capabilities. Download this content to find out how insurers can leverage artificial intelligence to serve honest customers exceptionally fast, while instantaneously flagging bad risks for further investigation.