Podcast: How to generate bottom line savings with insurance fraud detection

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One of the most effective uses of data and analytics in insurance is to prevent fraud both at the point of underwriting and from claims.

Jeroen Morrenhof founded FRISS in 2006 and today the company has over 180 implementations of its technology around the world. Identifying potential fraud creates savings direct to the bottom line - Jeroen believes FRISS has saved its clients over 1 billion dollars.

Listen to this podcast to find out what motivated Jeroen to start the company and lessons from the last 14 years including a chance to learn about:

• The choice between bootstrapping and bringing in external funding.
• Understanding the "fraud funnel".
• Keeping ahead of the latest approaches to fraud during Covid-19.
• Using third-party data sources and in-house experience.
• Why the company is returning again to the UK.