Are customer communications getting SMARTer?

Customer demands are at an all-time high and still growing. Delivering an exceptional customer experience throughout the entire lifecycle is key to a company’s success. And customer communications play a critical role in the overall customer experience.

Every communication sent is part of a larger, ongoing conversation with the customer. However, every business reaches a point where that conversation becomes more complicated due to increases in channels, touchpoints, interactions, and disruptions.

To get a better understanding of what matters most to consumers when it comes to the communications they are receiving from financial services, insurance and healthcare companies, and to compare their desires with what companies are currently delivering, for the second year, Smart Communications conducted a survey of US and UK customers of businesses in these industries.

This report sheds light on the research findings and the critical role meaningful communications play in driving customer preferences and loyalty.

Topics covered include:
• What matters most to customers and why it’s critical to deliver.
• Customers’ perceptions of communications they receive from businesses.
• Delivering a better customer experience.
• The benefits of claims processing integration.