Communications in the time of Covid-19: Delivering SMARTER digital conversations just became more critical

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted nearly every aspect of daily life for everyone around the world. While we continue to limit human contact in an effort to slow the spread of the illness, businesses still must support their customers from a distance.  As a result, many enterprises are now faced with accelerating their digital transformation plans in order to deliver the high touch, yet digital, interactions customers need and expect.

We knew 2020 would be a critical year to evolve from static communications to two-way, interactive, SMARTER conversations, but we couldn’t have even imagined just how quickly this shift would need to occur.

In this blog, James Brown, CEO of Smart Communications focuses on why it is critical to prioritise and stay focused on what matters most - the customer experience.

Topics covered:
• Keeping the customer at the center.
• Removing friction is key to meeting customer needs.
• The importance of SMARTER digital conversations.