Aviva Risk Insights Report

The risks businesses face are increasingly complicated and interconnected. We’re seeing the rise of non-physical risks like cyber and an uncertain legislative agenda, alongside immediate events like Covid-19.

That’s why Aviva have looked to undertake our Risk Insights Report designed to help UK businesses understand the unique risks they face and plan for the future. We asked business leaders what major risks they believe their business is particularly exposed to.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that most of their answers were directly influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, with public health events named as the single biggest risk to businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, the twin concerns of the pandemic and Brexit have driven concerns about changes in legislation and regulations, in addition to the economy and market developments.

This report provides a comprehensive source of intelligence on the risks UK businesses face, their level of preparedness, and the methods they’re using to manage and mitigate those risks.