Modernising information management systems in financial services

Financial services organisations face big challenges brought on by the new digital on-demand era and companies like Amazon. With information at the core of every business function, poor information management is affecting business profitability, customer experience (CX) and operational efficiency.

However, the reality is that the modernisation of the information management stack within an organisation is a project that is often desperately needed but never at the top of the priority list. If the upgrade of a legacy system, or even a full migration to an alternative solution was easy, then it would have been done already.

In many cases, especially in financial services, there appears to be no easy option. That’s because in order to replace your legacy system, you usually need to turn the system off and turn a new one on, which can be risky and disruptive to the business. A ‘big bang’ style switchover is not for the faint hearted, and usually involves the need for extensive back-out scenarios should things not go as planned.

This content focuses on how a content services platform brings a new approach to managing legacy applications and can help solve the challenge of modernising legacy applications within financial services.

Topics covered:
• Why does information management need modernising?
• The modernisation road map.
• Why rip and replace doesn’t work.
• Content services - the building blocks of modernisation.
• The most important aspects of new technology.