Solving surges in customer enquiries for general insurers during critical events

When a crisis or a catastrophic event occurs, uncertainty and risk become amplified. Insurance companies that deal with mitigating these risks should be prepared for these events, especially, in the context of contact centres.

According to the ABI, call volumes have increased by over 200%, for British P&C insurers since the emergence of Covid-19. Another report by Pindrop, a contact centre security firm, reported a rise in call volumes by 300% for both insurers and financial firms.

Due to an increase in call volumes and a reduction in capacity for contact centre staff because of remote working, there have been many cascading effects.

This content focuses on how the Covid-19 pandemic has directly impacted insurers’ ability to respond to customer enquiries, before highlighting the tools available to manage a surge of enquiries and optimise contact centres.

Topics covered include:
• The current pandemic and its effects.
• Possible customer points of contact for a generic general insurer.
• Mitigating the surge of enquiries.
• Improving contact centre process flows.
• Leveraging a digital service centre.