Family cyber cover: Keeping policyholders safe in a connected digital world

Most families are completely on their own when it comes to the most prevalent criminal threats they face today. That statement may sound provocative, but consider this: cyber crime and fraud occurrences were almost as high as all other crime put together in the U.K. last year. Yet how many insurance companies offer policyholders comprehensive protections for cyber crimes, such as extortion through a phishing email or ransomware attack, bullying or identity theft?

The reality is that insurance policies haven't kept up with the evolution in crimes facing connected families today. What's more, cyber criminals can strike anywhere and anytime for big payoffs with low risks. So while property crime protection will always be vital, families also have an urgent need for cover that can help them offset the high financial and emotional costs of cyber crimes.

In this whitepaper, you will discover:
• How connected technology has reshaped the threat landscape in households.
• Why families struggle with how to respond to cyber crimes.
• Three key issues that cyber cover must address.
• The essential components of a good product mix.